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Motorcycle Trip Africa

Rockers & Riders: Fusing Love For Classic Riding, Culture & Music

To truly experience the beauty and vastness of Africa, is to do it on the back of a classic motorcycle on your motorcycle trip!

Our adventures offer anything from day experiences, be it day trips within the Cape Town area or Johannesburg and surroundings, to longer trips , from 2-3 days Garden route , to 4-5 day Kruger Park experience and to longer 14 day Four African worlds experience covering everything from naturally beautiful landscapes to magnificent waterfalls and unbelievably rich wildlife.

motorcycles tour to South Africa


South Africa trip motorcycles


The vast openness of the South African landscape allows for both a taste of freedom and an adrenalin rush. You get to go off the beaten track, taste the real traditions and hear stories told by those close to home, all with a touch of old school retro glamour and a love for classic riding, rock music, art, food and the richness of the local culture and traditions.

Our main goal is to ensure the authenticity of the lifestyle that knits us together. You join as a member of a community but depart as part of a family.


We include tasting hotspots from craft beer to coffee runs or even the taste sensations where nibble on delicacies from across the continent. Our domestic management experience allows us to book accommodation most suited to the adventure chosen.

motorcycles tour to South Africa


South Africa trip motorcycles


Every motorcycle trip escape is supported with a full detailed briefing and all (if any safety concerns will be discussed). We aim to bring you the beauty of the African continent and the authentic experience of the richness of its culture while never compromising your safety. Our escorting rider-guides have all done these tours many times to ensure that they remain relevant and safe for all to enjoy.

We cater for groups of 10 – 12 riders or even individuals depending on adventure chosen.

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