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Luxury trains certainly offer an out-of-the-ordinary travel experience, taking you to your destination in style with a freedom to do nothing but relax and yet see the passing game reserves, Winelands, historic sites and wide-open countryside of the Karoo region. Offering a number of journeys, from 2 days and up to 20 days within South and East Africa, there is definitely something ideal for every traveler charmed by the idea of this unique experience.

Hailed as the most luxurious trains in the world, the Rovos Rail carriages take you back to the by-gone era with the epitome of grandeur and sophistication. Their restored vintage coaches offer exquisite observation and lounge cars and suites offer every amenity of a high-end hotel or ship. Dinners are a true fine-dining experience with the first-class cuisine served in the charming pre-1940s dining cars. A number of set departure dates for a variety of journeys, covering South Africa, Victoria Fall, and East Africa can easily be incorporated into your visit.

The Shongololo Express is a more casual experience offering three first-class rail journeys traversing through South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe. Scheduled stops for off-train excursions ensure you get to not only see but also feel and taste the incredible locations along the way.

The Blue Train is often referred to as a five-star ‘hotel-on-wheels’. Elegant lounges, luxury suites, ‘Cordon Blue’ dining and your very own personal butler at your call are all there to ensure you relax and enjoy the passing by the scenery. Shorter journeys are perfect for those who are more limited for the time yet want to incorporate this experience into their visit.

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