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Extreme in Africa

Most places in Africa offer extreme sports which appeal to thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. Extreme in Africa covers Abseiling, Bungee jumping, Shark Cage Diving, Rapp Jumping, Hot Air Balloon experiences – here you can do it all.
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Have you ever wondered what it feels like to fly? Bungee Jumping involves falling from an astonishing height, plummeting towards a beautiful body of water and just as your fingertips caress the water your bungee rope hoists you up and to safety. For the moments before the rope tightens you are flying. A great place to Bungee Jump is at the Bloukrans Bridge in the Western Cape.


Abseiling was once only used as a way for mountain climbers to get back to the bottom of a tall mountain, however, it is now a recreational activity and is not for the fainthearted. Abseiling involves descending a mountain face while being supported by only a harness and safety ropes. This can be professionally done without the help of a guide however for beginners it is much safer to have a professional to assist.


Shark Cage Diving has become popular over the years, it involves a person or small group of people being lowered into the ocean or a controlled body of water in the safety of a cage. The cage allows you to see everything around you and still ensures your safety. This is a magnificent way to get up close to one of the most dangerous creatures of the deep and see them in their natural habitat. Although you may have to wait patiently for the sharks to show their face, the end result is worth it. A great place to go Shark Cage Diving is at Aliwal Shoal.


This is a rather new sport in Africa, it is very similar to Abseiling in that it involves running down the side of massive mountain faces secured by only a rope on your back. This is definitely not for the fainthearted, this activity offers an extreme rush of adrenaline and provides a great story.


Did you know that this is the oldest form of flight known to man? A Hot Air Balloon ride allows you to gaze at the magnificent African landscape below and gives you an uninterrupted view of nature and habitats beneath you. There is no better view than a bird’s eye view. These rides are accompanied by a guide who will share their knowledge with you and keep you safe at all times.

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