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Diving in Africa – world-class dive sites

Diving in Africa delivers big thrills. With two oceans at its shores, Africa underwater offers some world class dive sites from Sodwana’s pristine tropical reefs, Kenya’s fringing coral reefs, Madagascar’s barrier reef to the wrecks in Mozambique and Cape Peninsula.

Great White sharks, Ragged-tooth sharks, Manta rays, Humpback whales and Southern Right whales are among the main underwater attractions. Africa also offers some annual phenomenon like the Sardine and squid runs or the Leatherback turtle nesting, guaranteed to be a highlight experience.


This tranquil place is just North of Durban. Said to be the most gorgeous and the only tropical dive site in South Africa, Sodwana Bay offers fun activities and excursions. Here you can embark on a nighttime beach safari and see magnificent sea turtles lay their precious eggs. You can also do activities such as quad bike trails, microlight flights, horse riding, fishing and whale watching.

The transparent waters paired with tropical marine life and exquisite coral reefs make this a great place to dive and adventure into the unknown.


This area appeals to divers from all over the globe. The waters here provide visibility of no less than 8 metres, on a good day the visibility can be 40 metres! Aliwal Shoal is well known for the Raggie, these ragged-tooth sharks travel in groups of 15-20 at a time and are completely harmless, although they are rather large.

Apart from diving, other activities offered here include whale watching, fishing trips, hiking trails, golf, museums, cultural tours and wonderful restaurants.


There are a number of dive sites here, each one unique. This bay is characterized by kelp forests which act as a filter and serve to improve the visibility in the water dramatically. There is also a huge variety of species adorning these waters and spectacular, bright coloured corals and anemones. Although Cape Waters is a bit chilly and the weather is rather unpredictable, the friendly ocean life will distract you from the chill.

Other activities offered here include wine lands, hiking trails, shark cage diving, whale watching, water sports, quad bike trails and many more.


Margate is located on the coast of KwaZulu-Natal. Blessed with warm waters and picturesque scenery, these beaches have become popular scuba diving spots. Visibility here ranges from about 10m to 40m according to the weather. Diving here is offered the whole year along with a range of exhilarating excursions.


Knysna is home to a few world-class dive sites. Here you can also explore the famous Garden Route. This area is known for its shark encounters as well as other rare species of the deep. The best time to dive here is during high tide although the visibility and water temperature depends on the weather conditions.

Plettenberg Bay is also a popular resort. This bay offers a number of water activities performed in natural lagoons. Here you will find a magnificent reef stretching 4km, this reef is an underwater nature reserve. The scenery here provides the ultimate backdrop for relaxation.

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