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African History and Culture

Culture and history of Africa

The culture and history of Africa are varied consisting of a mixture of various tribes. And each have their own unique characteristics. It is a product of the diverse populations that today inhabit the African continent. Culture is expressed in its arts and crafts, religion, clothing, cuisine, music, and languages. And history is a colorful one with phenomenon triumph resulting in a true democracy and equality. Expressions of both culture and history are abundant.

We at Salute Africa are ready to introduce you to the routes of Africa and its “Rainbow Nation”.

Explore the endless plains, and as you do, you will experience the culture of indigenous ethnic semi-nomadic groups of people who reside near the many national game parks of East Africa.

The Maasai are probably among the foremost known internationally.

Listening to their stories will leave you speechless… Like meeting the Maasai warrior wearing an ostrich feather headdress, why? Because he has not yet killed a lion… And then… upon your return back home, you turn into storytellers… That’s the magic of travel!

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    Would like to plan a group trip to Africa and tour some of the histories along with some relaxing downtime.
    Group of 10 or more 2021 of March. visit journey of Nelson Mandela package.

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