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“Salute Africa” offers travel to South and East Africa – an incredible destination in so many ways – it is the kind of destination that will touch all of your senses in a myriad of ways.

Our tour packages have been compiled based on over two decades of experience in ground handling arrangements, the ever-evolving trend, and interest in the natural and organic world and include “must-see” attractions and destinations.

Which countries of Africa to visit? Each one is unique in its own way and offers visitors an experience of a lifetime!



Is the first thought that comes to mind when you think of safari. Extraordinary wildlife, magical coastline, a large proportion of The Great Rift Valley and stunningly diverse lakes. Populated by a people as varied as its terrain, it is a place of dreams.

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Tops Lonely Planet’s list of best places to visit. This luscious country is located in Southern Africa with as much as 70% of its territory “captured” by the Kalahari Desert. Main industry remains diamond and minerals mining.

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South Africa


Is country of fascinating contrasts, intense beauty and most incredible people. Undoubtedly the most economically developed country on the African continent, it is Africa of the future. An incredibly long coastline of not one but two oceans, the craggy mountains, species-rich deserts, elephant-friendly thickets, lush forests, treed savannahs along with the incomparable Cape Floral Kingdom makes this one of the world’s naturally richest countries. One moment you’ll be exploring the origins of ancient man and the next you’re cage-diving with Great White Sharks. South Africa really is a destination where you can experience it all, more.

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Is known to the world as the land of contrasts. Terra-cotta coloured deserts, imposing central plateau, stunning coastline, the ever-fascinating Skeleton Coast as well its intriguingly abandoned ghost towns make Namibia one of the most sort after destinations. It is also the one place where travellers get a feeling of what it is like to experience a place that has been so for two or three million years.

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Is an island and country with a unique composition of flora and fauna. Situated off the coast of the African continent, the fourth largest island in the world. Often referred to as ‘the eighth continent’ by ecologists due to its high incidence of endemic species.

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Is a snapshot of nature, untouched. An extraordinary country – especially when one thinks of its history, of centuries of domination through the gold rushes, land grabbing, slavery and an exhausting civil war. Its coastline boasts two archipelagos linked by one of the finest beaches one is ever likely to experience.

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Known as the Land of a Thousand Hills, is a small and beautiful country. One of the only places in the world where the rare and incredible mountain gorilla continues to thrive.

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Known as an archipelago of a group of islands. The main island being Zanzibar or Unguja as it is referred to, is the closest to the equator, ensuring warm climate, cooled by the pleasant ocean breeze, throughout the year. well known for its spices and is often referred to as the “Spice Island”.

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Is no doubt one of Africa’s most exciting destinations. It is a vast and includes great swathes of open grassy plain, justifiably famous for its abundant game, and especially for spectacles such as the annual wildebeest migration – raising the pulse of even the most discerning of traveller. The Coast – mainland, including Dar-es-Salaam, and the Zanzibar archipelago – is both a cultural and aesthetic joy, with dreamy stretches of beach and is a perfect ending to a wildlife safari tour.

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Home to Victoria Falls and to some of the most untouched land in Africa. Vast range of terrains (mountain, valley, escarpment, plain) makes it a well diverse experience to anyone visiting.

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Is home to four World Heritage Sites – Victoria Falls, Mana Pools National Parks, the Great Zimbabwe Ruins and the Kama Ruins. Zimbabwe is an incredibly multipurpose attraction and the activity possibilities are endless. One that is a must is seeing or experiencing ‘The Smoke That Thunders’ – be rest assured it’ll stay with you for life.

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Is small but beautiful and is the main source of the White Nile. Known as one of the last refuges of the increasingly rare mountain gorilla, it protects its rainforests within the Mountains of the Moon, the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and much of the northern shores of Lake Victoria.

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Our goal is to allow the traveller to enjoy a stress-free holiday with all aspects of the trip taken care of by highly skilled and experienced professionals. We offer a vast variety of tours – from guaranteed departure track tours to bespoke customised tours focusing on client special interest including wildlife, culture, history, extreme sports, recreational activities such as hiking, golf, winemaking, gastronomy and natural phenomenon.

Let us help you to make the most of this visit. We have a team of experts who are ready to make sure that you will. “Salute Africa” is your passport to Africa.

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