Zimbabwe Introduction


Zimbabwe is situated in Southern Africa on the northern border of South Africa and borders Mozambique, Zambia and Botswana. For a small land locked country Zimbabwe has plenty to offer, from the huge boulders of the Matobo Hills, to rolling hills of the Eastern Highlands, and large game parks full of all types of wildlife, not forgetting Victoria Falls one of the Seven Wonders of the World – Zimbabwe has it all!! Wildlife such as hippo, buffalo, crocodiles, rhino, elephant and lion roam around the Zambezi Valley. Mana Pools is a well-known park where there is a wide variety of game, and game walks and drives are very popular in this park. Canoe Safaris are one of the best in Southern Africa, and is the ideal way to get up close to the animals and nature.

Those who visit the country can expect royal treatment. From the absolute wilderness of Mana Pools National Park, the ruins of Great Zimbabwe and the mountains looking over Mozambique in Eastern Zimbabwe, to fine dining in Harare or bungee jumping over Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe offers something for everyone.

Weather in Zimbabwe
°C (Celsius) / °F (Fahrenheit)

Jan Feb Mar Ap May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Day +26/79 +26/79 +26/79 +25/77 +23/73 +21/70 +21/70 +23/73 +27/81 +29/84 +27/81 +26/79
Night +16/61 +16/61 +14/57 +12/54 +9/48 +7/45 +7/45 +8/46 +12/54 +15/59 +15/59 +16/61