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To think I came so close to not going would have been a huge error in my life. Thank you Al for bringing that to my attention when you did.

Where to begin……This trip far surpassed any and all expectations of what I thought Africa was about.

The accommodations were 5* properties. All the modern conveniences with regional architecture, décor, and ambiance. Many offered Spa, massage and other specialty services at reasonable prices. Impeccable service from hospitable staffs that often greeted us with Champagne and snacks on arrival and warm farewells on departures. My favorite was the Chobe Lodge, oh my imagination fulfilled. It was so “Out Of Africa” that I was living a dream. Complete with outdoor dining and reception areas. The entire structure is made from wood, rattan, and thatched roofs. Plants, trees and exotic foliage encased the whole property. Beds enclosed in mosquito netting just topped it off!

Menus were never an issue as we had choices from very plentiful buffets complete with carving stations of local favorites.

A few properties included an evening outdoor show during dinner with traditional music & dancing which everyone enjoyed.

Victoria Weinstein accompanied our group and is extremely hands-on in every respect. Her attentiveness to assure every detail is perfect was so impressive. Always asking if we wanted something other than what was planned, special requests are not an issue. She prides herself on delivering what the client asks for ( within reason of course).

When the weather did not allow us to go to Table Mountain because the Cable car was closed she immediately changed to the next day’s itinerary and off to the Wine lands we went. Fabulous wine tasting in Winery Estates was the day’s plan without hesitation. I can’t praise Victoria enough for showing us what Africa is……wonderful, different, intriguing, wild, beautiful, warm and inviting.

The Safaris were simply an incredible experience….period. To be driving thru the bush in an open Jeep alongside wild animals less than 10 feet away ….I was speechless. We are in their home, they are walking around us like we are not even there…….we must be quiet and only move to take pictures. We see them up close, smell them and almost hear them breathe. It was almost emotional to be so in touch with nature at her finest, in her turf was chillingly wonderful. When we turned around a bush finally spotting a Lion & Lioness after looking for hours we all stopped breathing, literally, you could hear the gasps. I had tears in my eyes and the lady next to me had tears running down her face. They were a few feet from our Jeep and we followed them to the road for minutes which seemed like forever watching every step they took. When they were out of sight we all exhaled.

I could go on & on with details or better yet you can watch my 960 pictures. This was a trip of a lifetime and I am so glad it was my time. To think this destination was not on my “list”…… I would never have known what I missed, a true loss.

In my opinion, I feel this is a perfect destination for A&C. Why? Due to the distance ( 20 hours flying time) not for the average Senior.

A&C would love the 5*property’s-Spa resorts with the finest accommodation’s, facilities, décor, service staff etc.

Africa is different- Exotic- exciting. Very few know someone who’s been there….new territory to travel. The niche market must have the means ( approx. $7k ), the time ( 14 days + ) and the stamina for long walks uneven terrain.

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