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Dearest Victoria,


How can I begin to thank you for the incredible experience that we had in Africa?  You were absolutely amazing, answering questions and on top of all aspects of the trip.  I wasn’t completely sure how it would go with that many people but you made sure everything went smoothly!


And then the arrangements for the proposal!!  That was such a surprise, obviously!  I didn’t think David had time to purchase a ring yet, so I had no idea.  Our guide Linah was the perfect person for that day!  She was fun, and completely got into the surprise.  When she drove up to the picnic spot, I thought it was set up for someone else, and that I just got to see what it would be like.  I had no suspicions until I saw the bottle of Champagne, and David said “that’s for later!”.  His proposal was so sweet, and we both cried.  Then the lovely ceremony and lunch.  Everyone there, Christina and group, were so excited and fun.  I’m going to put all the photos and movies dropbox and send you a link, but will never be able to convey what a special day that was!  When we returned to Serentgit, they surprised us with singing and more champagne, then at dinner sang again while they brought out the cake.  The staff there really went overboard.


Our group loved Moses, Danny and Egide as guides – they really stood out.  Danny was going to let the group know how to sponsor a boy they met in Rwanda who couldn’t afford school.  Could you send me his number via whatsapp so I can connect them?  He gained a lot of popularity when he showed up with champagne after his group went gorilla trekking.


Here are the comments I just got back from some members:


“Wonderful accommodations. Would have liked to be able to enjoy some of them more. To accommodate that end I would suggest deleting boat ride and Lake Manyara park visit and Giraffe park. Everything else was outstanding.”


The trip was very fun. I have the following thoughts for slight improvements: The length of the trip was a little too long for working folks. I think one of the stops in either Kenya or Tanzania could be cut out due to redundancy in activity for the safaris. I would vet the camps to avoid buffet only options. Felt we were always on the go with little down time. All that said, the good far outweighs these suggestions. Cathy


Overall the trip was fantastic! We did a lot and learned a lot. The food, lodging and transportation were excellent. if I’m being extremely critical, I would suggest ending in Rwanda at the OneandOnly with the Gorilla and Monkey treks and starting In Tanzania and then moving to Kenya simply due to the accommodations and the Gorilla adventure compared to a typical Safari. Maybe cut back in initial Kenya safari on our way to the Cliffs as we didn’t have enough time to enjoy the Cliff experience. However, with that said, it was one of the best if not the best trip we’ve ever taken. Thank you.


It sounds cliché, “trip of a lifetime.“ However, clichés exist for a reason. In this case trip of a lifetime is the most perfect expression of this journey. Thank you


Sending Love,


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