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honeymoon in africa


The romance and adventure of an African safari coupled with the unparalleled beauty of the picture-perfect white sandy beaches, perfect sunsets and adrenalin filled outdoor activities is difficult to beat. But yet again we do!

Salute Africa honeymoon specialists incorporate romantic baths settings and outdoor star bed experiences to realize an unrivaled experience for our honeymoon couple.

Here, the most basic pleasure can be enjoyed in the most beautiful setting. From outdoor baths hewn out of rock to elegant modern baths with breathtaking views, the experience is guaranteed to satisfy all of the couples senses. A sleep out on a star bed is a definite must! Effectively sleeping directly under the “Milky Way” of the African sky in an open suite raised on stilts, high above the ground, on a real luxurious bed with luxurious bedding and mosquito netting, this is romance at its ultimate.

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