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In the days of colonial rule, Winston Churchill described Uganda as “The Pearl of Africa“. Join us on a journey to discover what the glimmer in this “pearl” is all about. Here you will find the Equator and the Rift Valley, the jungles and the savannah in addition to the various reserves, mirror-like lakes, rapid river streams, breathtaking waterfalls and of course the diverse cultural heritage.
Don’t miss your chance to see the prowling lion looking for his prey, or go into the heart of the rain forest in search of cute and funny chimpanzee. The captivating cruise along the tropical canals and the walk into the misty mountains in search of the mountain gorillas are guaranteed to leave an emotional memory never to be forgotten.
Plunge into the world of extraordinary fantasy, as you re-enact the scenes of the “King Kong” while exploring the beauty of Uganda

Tours to Uganda:

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