Salute Africa Testimonials

June 28, 2018 :
Jessica Smith

My husband and I just returned from our honeymoon in Kenya and Salute Africa provided us with an incredible experience from beginning to end. Our guide, Daniel, was friendly, knowledgeable, and a wonderful driver during our 5-day safari in both Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara. We were able to see the Big 5 and tons of other animals on our game drives. If you plan on traveling to Kenya or Tanzania I highly recommend using Salute Africa to plan your trip!

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June 26, 2018 :
Edda Rooney, Bradenton, Florida
Edda’s Travel Corner

Dear Victoria,

Mr/Mrs Steven Short just departed my Office with lots of Fotos of their Trip. They said it was the BEST Trip EVER. Very impressed with how smoothly it all went and the focus on every detail. Accommodations superb surpassed their expectations. Debra had a wonderful Birthday, thank’s to you. They were amazed at how friendly and helpful everyone was. All the game drives were a total success; they saw so much more than they could ever imagine and learned so much about S. Africa and the Safari experience.
They thank you for a wonderful and well-executed Trip.
Thank you so much Victoria, you are the BEST.
Hope to send some more customers your way.

Warm regards,
Edda Rooney

October 14, 2017 :
Amanda M. Vallone, DeLand, Florida
Roseborough Travel Agency

So, Africa was the most amazing, incredible, and spectacular destination I have ever visited. I cannot wait to come back and visit more countries within this fantastic continent. I have told everyone, I have left a piece of my heart in Africa and I know I will be back. That being said… lets get started on a new trip for my group.

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Dear NACTA Digest,
We just returned from a great adventure to South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana and wanted to share with you the company who made it happen. Victoria Weinstein is the owner of Salute Africa, in Johannesburg, and she did a wonderful customized tour for our group at a good value. We took bids from 3 other well-known companies and Victoria provided equal or greater level of hotels, safari camps, flights, transfers, tours, and included amenities at the lowest comparable price. She was readily available by USA phone, text, or email and responded quickly. We had such a good experience, I wanted to share her contact information with you so that you can get a quote from her when you put together your next trip to South Africa:
Name: Salute Africa
Owner: Victoria Weinstein
Email: gk@saluteafrica.co.za or soniak@saluteafrica.co.za
URL: www.saluteafrica.co.za
Phone: +1 347-201-9441 USA and +2711 783-6440 Africa
Mail: Salute Africa, Lower Ground Floor,
Block F Pinmill Farm,164 Katherine St
Sandton, Johannesburg South Africa
Of course, I am available for your email or phone questions or comments.
All the best,

May 08, 2017 : Mrs Margo Goldberg, Columbia, South Carolina
Booked by Nancy YoffeCruise Planners

We had an amazing trip and overall A+ experience. I thought I would critique a few of our experiences (not as a complaint, but just feedback for you).
Day 1 arrival in Johannesburg:
VIP service was excellent and welcomed after a long journey.
Michelangelo Hotel, beautiful and excellent service. One of the best breakfasts we’ve ever experienced. Would feel confident recommending it to friends. Could easily spent more time there.
Dinner was very good with excellent service.
If we ever come again, we would probably stay the right at the airport (I noticed an Intercontinental right there). This would save two 30 minute transfers to and from the city, which given our late arrival, we really didn’t see. We just ate dinner and went to bed, and although we truly enjoyed the hotel, it probably would have saved us some time and money by staying at the airport that first night.
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The Sanctuary Chobe property was delightful. Great service and accommodations. They had bug spray and adapters in the rooms (so no need to bring). Unfortunately, we had the issue with landing at the airport, but those things can’t be helped. We were going to have to miss our safari that evening, but after a bit of pleading, they had someone take us to meet up with the group already out. So that was nice. Believe it or not, we didn’t see a single elephant! Apparently, because they have had so much rain, the elephants did not come down and stayed hidden away. We did, however, see wild dogs devouring a kudo, which apparently is a rare sighting. We also saw girraffes, lions, babboons, corcodiles, hippos, and impalas, and on the way back to the airport, some zebra way off in the distance.. True to your word, only 6 persons on a vehicle. I would feel confident recommending to friends.

Victoria Falls
I am so glad you talked me into this. The water was especially high due to all the rain and the views with rainbows were spectacular. Both sides (Zimbabwe and Zambia) are certainly a must do! The drive from Botswana to the falls went well as did customs and visas.
This is where we had a slight hiccup with the transfer to the airport. The driver was late, we didn’t know the name of the company who was to pick us up, and the hotel had no info either. We were about to call a cab, when someone showed up. There appeared to still be some confusion with the voucher (by that time I had found the vouchers), but the driver called his company and they accepted it. This was a little nerve racking for me, but that is just me….I don’t deal with hicups well. LOL!

The hotel was very nice and the grounds with zebra all around were beautiful. The backdrop of the falls was an added bonus. I would recommend this hotel, since it appeared to be the nicest in the area, but it didn’t offer the service I would have expected, although I would stay here again since the scenery and grounds were so spectacular, I felt like I was in an old British, colonial movie set.
We felt the service in the dining room was sub-par, average at best. Had to wait about 10 minutes for scrambled eggs on the buffet one morning and it was always a wait to get refills on coffee and water, having to ask more than once was the norm. For the service, we felt the menu was a little pricey, but this is to be expected at a resort hotel. The food was tasty and beautifully presented, just very slow to come out.
We took a taxi into the town for lunch (pizza, and it was very good and very cheap!) and did a little shopping at the local market there (not the one outside of town) and that was fun. It was a $10.00 cab fare each way. Even with the cab fare, the meal was much much cheaper than the hotel restaurant, with better service!) The driver dropped us off at the restaurant, and had the restaurant call him when we were done. He then took us to the market and waited on us for no extra charge. I didn’t want to leave the property, since I was fearful, but the kids talked me into it and I am glad they did. It was daytime and I felt very safe.
We also had a slight problem the first night with the shower. In hind sight, it is sort of funny, but not so much when it was happening. I was taking a nice hot shower and I noticed the drain was not draining well, and was going to report it. Just as I was about to rinse out the shampoo, my husband comes running in yelling that the room was flooding!! I could not tell (the shower door was foggy), but apparently, the water was pouring into the bathroom and then into the room from the shower due to the clogged drain! We had a big mess. We called and they sent someone (not as quickly as you would have thought) to mop up and unclog the drain, as I sat dripping wet with shampoo in my hair; …. but if my husband had not been in the room, the entire room would have been flooded. We threw down every towel we could fine to contain the mess. As it was, half of the room got flooded, including some of our shoes. After dinner, I asked to speak to a manager, since I felt that the drain should have not be clogged to begin with, (maid service surely knew the drain was slow) but no one was there for me to speak to. I asked for him to call me the next day and never heard from anyone, so I let it drop. I can probably bet you’ve never had a client flood their room before! LOL! I do think this level of hotel should have offered us a drink or something for our inconvenience, but I didn’t even get a phone call. Some of our shoes were wet anyways from the falls and the butler had them dried for us at no charge.
This hotel also had adapters, but I didn’t notice bug spray.
I noticed they had day trips from Chobe to the falls. Perhaps that would be a good way too see them, since it would save some packing and unpacking. Perhaps one could stay at Chobe and take a day trip to the falls, rather than spending 2 nights there. This is sort of a toss up, since we did enjoy being on the Royal LIvingstone property.
The elephant ride is the only thing in the entire trip that I would not recommend. I found it a little “hokey” and not what I expected. Our friend took an elephant ride which was more like an actual safari, where they saw other wild animals. (perhaps this is not done anymore). In fact, he said not to do it because it was a little scary. Our ride was more “sanitized” if you can understand what I mean. It was like being at Disney World. We just sat behind the handler and went along some man made trails on their property and then fed the elephants. Not too exciting. Karl and I had to share an elephant, as did another couple, because they didn’t have enough elephants available for each rider to have his/her own, , but the kids got to ride alone with their handler. It bothered me that they booked more people than they had elephants for. This may be a good adventure with very young children but not for adults, in my opinion.
Sabi Sands
There are no words to describe our experience here. Spectacular, awesome, beautiful, fabulous, etc, etc. I’m sure it helped that we were the only ones there for two days. On the third day, another couple joined us so we had 6 to our vehicle, which was fine, (although I thought you said it would be just 4 to a vehicle), but it didn’t matter. The ranger and tracker were terrific and did all they could do to insure we saw the big 5 and more! Truly a once in a lifetime experience. We enjoyed the private reserve more than Chobe since they are allowed to go off road and to go out after dark. We literally got within inches of the animals and had a spectacular viewing of a leopard at night as well as in the daytime. Also saw a pride of about 16 lions with cubs, a Rhino with baby, elephants with babies (FINALLY ELEPHANTS!!), giraffes, hippos and much much more. A hyena came walking pass during dinner. They always had a little surprise awaiting us while out on safari. One day, they had a picnic set up and they cooked us breakfast while in the bush, the last night they had candle light and champagne out in the bush….just spectacular. A++++ experience. I didn’t want to leave.
They had bug spray and adapters in the rooms. They woke us up at 5:30 and by 5:35 we had coffee and cookies brought to our rooms. By 6am we were out on our drives. Even the rain didn’t hamper our experience, and it did rain every day. So unfortunately, we didn’t get a lot of star gazing but got spectacular rainbows instead. This is what I have been waiting my entire life for and got it hands down! Just amazing. Thank you!

As I told you, the hotel was adequate but nothing like the other two, (Michaelangelo and Royal Livngstone), so my expectations were probably too high. Plus we had just left the fabulous Dulini property…..so very high expectations. This hotel was very crowded and the room could use a little updating, in my opinion. (Tony can vouch for the crowds!) They had beautiful white marble tubs and showers, but old beige 12×12 ceramic floor tiles. (We are in the flooring business so I noticed these things!) Not enough plugs for today’s electronic needs. We found out the very last day that there are two places for breakfast, so I think we went to the wrong one, so that is probably why we didn’t have a great experience there. Our fault here, I think. The other breakfast room was MUCH better but we discovered this too late. Their were huge tour groups mulling around so it just felt crowded and ordinary. . The location was great for walking around the water front, which we did every day with great stores for shopping. It is a lovely city and we felt quite safe.

We enjoyed both of our dinners out, and as you know , we canceled the last one since we just wanted to go back and relax after a long day of touring. Unfortunately, at the Baii dinner, the huge group of Italians that were at our hotel were also at the restaurant seated right next to us (3 banquet sized tables) and they were extremely loud so we didn’t stay for dessert, but the food was excellent. The waiter said he didn’t blame us! LOL! The kids LOVED the Pot Luck Club. I’m not a tappas person but what I tasted was excellent. Our guide Tony was fabulous and did all he could do to suit our every wish! Great guy and guide and we enjoyed both days of touring with him. Boxed breakfast was waiting as you said and transfer to airport went well.

Didn’t have that much time in Johannesburg since I am nervous about getting to the airports in time and was worried about rush hour traffic. William and driver were excellent. We even got to witness a demonstration at the university, which unfortunately, cost us some time due to a major traffic jam, but we saw what we could and had an excellent lunch before going to the airport. Once again the VIP service was well worth it to us and made getting through customs a breeze.

So that is our journey. We thank you for all your hard work and assistance in helping me to check off a major item on my bucket list! Maybe one day I will get back to your beautiful country. The people there are so nice and friendly, always smiling, even though I know they don’t always have it easy. I learned a lot about the culture and politics of your country as well as experiencing the beautiful wild life your country has at its disposal. To me, safariing is the bomb! I could not get enough of it. I hope I get back there one day.

With warmest regards,

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April 12, 2016 : TTS-Tyree Travel Service
“Greetings Victoria,
I just concluded a post trip conversation with Mr. Williams, and he was effusive with praise about his journey. Thank you so very much for ensuring that his holiday in South Africa was absolutely superb !!! Kudos to you and your staff for a job extremely well done. In fact, Mr. Williams and Ms. Heard are very excited about the prospect of making a return visit to South Africa next year to do a safari, Vic Falls and a short trip on either Rovos Rail or the Blue Train. Again, I thank for your patience, professionalism and for delivering an extraordinary vacation experience to my clients.”
Best regards,
Clifford Tyree, Jr.
TTS-Tyree Travel Service>>

September 24, 2015 : South Africa FAM “To think I came so close to not going would have been a huge error in my life. Thank you Al for bringing that to my attention when you did.

Where to begin……This trip far surpassed any and all expectations of what I thought Africa was about.

The accommodations were 5* property’s. All the modern conveniences with regional architecture, décor and ambiance. Many offered Spa, massage and other specialty services at reasonable prices.
Impeccable service from hospitable staffs that often greeted us with Champagne and snacks on arrival and warm farewells on departures. My favorite was the Chobe Lodge, oh my imagination fulfilled. It was so “Out Of Africa” that I was living a dream. Complete with outdoor dining and reception areas. The entire structure is made from wood, rattan and thatched roofs. Plants, trees and exotic foliage encased the whole property. Beds enclosed in mosquito netting just topped it off !

Menus were never an issue as we had choices from very plentiful buffets complete with carving stations of local favorites.
A few property’s included an evening outdoor show during dinner with traditional music & dancing which everyone enjoyed.

Victoria Weinstein accompanied our group and is extremely hands on in every respect. Her attentiveness to assure every detail is perfect was so impressive. Always asking if we wanted something other than what was planned, special requests are not an issue. She prides herself on delivering what the client asks for ( within reason of course).
When the weather did not allow us to go to Table Mountain because the Cable car was closed she immediately changed to the next day’s itinerary and off to the Wine lands we went. Fabulous wine tasting in Winery Estates was the day’s plan without hesitation. I can’t praise Victoria enough for showing us what Africa is……wonderful, different, intriguing, wild, beautiful, warm and inviting.

The Safaris were simply an incredible experience….period. To be driving thru the bush in an open Jeep alongside wild animals less than 10 feet away ….I was speechless. We are in their home, they are walking around us like we are not even there…….we must be quiet and only move to take pictures. We see them up close, smell them and almost hear them breath. It was almost emotional to be so in touch with nature at her finest, in her turf was chillingly wonderful. When we turned around a bush finally spotting a Lion & Lioness after looking for hours we all stopped breathing , literally, you could hear the gasps. I had tears in my eyes and the lady next to me had tears running down her face. They were a few feet from our Jeep and we followed them to the road for minutes which seemed like forever watching every step they took. When they were out of sight we all exhaled.

I could go on & on with details or better yet you can watch my 960 pictures. This was a trip of a lifetime and I am so glad it was my time. To think this destination was not on my “list”…… I would never have known what I missed, a true loss.

In my opinion I feel this is a perfect destination for A&C. Why? Due to the distance ( 20 hours flying time) not for the average Senior.
A&C would love the 5*property’s-Spa resorts with the finest accommodation’s, facilities, décor, service staff etc.
Africa is different- Exotic- exciting. Very few know someone who’s been there….new territory to travel.
The niche market must have the means ( approx. $7k ), the time ( 14 days + ) and the stamina for long walks uneven terrain.”

Tami remarks:
The motor coaches had lots of leg room, comfortable seats, large windows to see the wildlife, also had water bottles on hand and small enough to hear the tour guides…who were very professional and knowledgeable
Fondest Regards Cathy Mariani>>

September 11, 2015 : South Africa FAM “Dear Victoria, I wanted to send a quick note of sincere thanks for all you did for us/me and our true African Experience. To think I almost cancelled and would have missed this amazing place and gracious people. I am looking over my pictures and I am anxious to share them with the world over Facebook. I am sending my emotional gratitude for making this trip truly African.” Fondest Regards Cathy Mariani>>