Tours to Madagascar

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The fourth largest island in the world, Madagascar, broke away from the continent of Africa about 200 million years ago. For a long time the nature of this island was completely isolated and untouched. In all probability, Madagascar was one of the last corners of the world developed by men. This lost world is a real treasury of evolution. Approaching Madagascar by air you are amazed – can the land be of such color? In front of you a picture of blazing red land and rich green vegetation unravels.
The natural resourcefulness of the island is extremely diverse. Here you will see placers of precious and semi-precious stones, geysers, breathtaking waterfalls and lakes of astonishing beauty in the craters of extinct volcanoes Madagascar, with its many quiet coves and its proximity to the Indian Ocean trade routes, was a haven for many of the fiercest pirates that ever sailed the seven seas. Tales of buried treasure and stories of the swashbuckling buccaneers’ deeds and misdeeds await you on this Heaven on Earth

Tours to Madagascar: