Hooked on fishing

Fishing is a well respected and professionally practiced sport in South Africa. The proximity of two oceans – the Atlantic and Indian, a large number of mountain lakes, reservoirs and rivers greatly expands your options for a possible catch.
Any professional fisherman would for sure have caught some type of tropical ocean fish.

Most popular fishing sightings are considered to be the coasts of Durban and Cape Town.
What could be more exciting and relaxing then the time spent on board a boat in anticipation of a BIG catch? And if your catch turns out to be a Marlin or a Sailfish then your adrenalin filled dream of a BIG catch is surely fulfilled!
As the Marlin or Sailfish will bite the bait, your fishing line will test your strength, ringing in the wind and that is when you feel like a hero from the Hemingway’s short stories.

All types of fishing is widely practiced in South Africa. Sea fishing, both deep sea and in-shore are possible along almost the entire coast of the country. In addition to saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing is also widely popular. Deep sea fishing would be a preferred sport to those in good physical condition, in search of adrenalin and eager to test his strength and strong-will. It will be a true test to ones’ strength to pull out a 100-pound catch from as deep as hundred-meters below the surface – this is worth admiration. Do not worry if you are a beginner. Highly qualified expert will accompany you in this exciting journey, to share their knowledge and expertise, as well as see to your safety.

Fishing is offered in modern vessels with the latest technical equipment and communication system, Fish Finder, GPS, satellite navigation systems, autopilot, radar and electronic devices to locate shoals of fish. All of this will guarantee you a good catch. Here are some of these vessels:

“Extravagance” – an extravagant 32-foot boat with four 250 HP engines, a comfortable cabin for 8 persons and is equipped with satellite navigation equipment.


“Decadence” – spacious, comfortable cabin to comfortably accommodate up to four-persons, with a broad platform for the fish caught, fitted with radar and electronic devices to locate shoals of fish.


“Indulgence” – stable and very comfortable 25-foot boat with a cabin for 4 people, a convenient platform for the fish, a spacious deck to barbecue your catch, fully equipped for fishing with navigation system GPS and fish locator.


“Lynski” – comfortable boat, with a cabin for 4 people, a convenient platform for the catch, with two 140 HP outboard motors and the latest navigational equipment.



Weather you take fishing as a hobby or as a serious sport, our packages guaranteed to leave you “hooked.”

Cape Town – known world-wide for catches like tuna. Vast shoals of sardines and seriola within the local waters attract a large number of predatory fish, seabirds, whales, sharks and seals.

The predominant catch in the open ocean are Yellow fin Tuna weighing up to 80kg or albacore tuna (Long fin Tuna) up to 20 kg as well as Blue shark. Marlin is a prize catch.
Due to variations of winds and currents in these waters, tuna migration is unpredictable.
Yellow fin tuna is most concentrated in the coastal waters of Cape Town between March and June, then again late in September and up to end of January. Hence, tuna is available anytime September and June. Snook fishing is best during the cold winter months. Lobster is available all year round, so as an added bonus, you will be able to catch some to enjoy for your dinner that evening.
In shore fishing, offers catches such as Seriola (up to 12kg) and Barracuda (up to 10kg). Both catches are exciting as they move in vast shoal, which guarantees spectacular experience and excitement.

Shark Marlin Barracuda Seriola Lobster
Yellowfin tuna Longfin tuna Dorado Kingfish Cape salmon



Durban is a coast well recognised to the professionals in the sport of fishing all over the world. The main attractions in these waters are of course the Shark (this catch must be released back into the ocean), Blue Marlin, Baracuda, Sailfish, Red singer, Reef fish and, of course, Yellowfin tuna, which in local waters reaches a weight of up to 100-pounds. These giants, rarely but do fight with “small”, 50-pound tuna, for up to 3 hours. Your are sure to get a feeling of accomplishment when, after an exhausting struggle, your trophy is finally on board.

All necessary equipment will be provided for your expedition – rods, tackle, bait, and most importantly: competent advice from your skipper. Your first few days of fishing, to those who are not accustomed to such an abundance of fish, will be an experience you guaranteed to remember and you will struggle to get interrupted even for lunch, which they will be offered on board.

Shark Barracuda Reef fish Wahoo Sailfish
Snoek Yellowfin tuna Longfin tuna Marlin Sword fish



In Cape Town (Duration 4 hours, price per person, minimum 3 pax)
Hire a fishing boat:

  1. Vessel Rental – Half day in shallow waters, (max 6 pax)
  2. Vessel Rental 34ft – Full day in deep-sea waters, (max 4 pax)
  3. Vessel Rental 55ft – Full day in deep-sea waters, (max 6 pax)

In Durban (half a day or full day, max. 6 pax), hire a fishing boat

  1. (30 ft cutter, rigged with modern navigation equipment, 2 200 l.c.
    motors, and speed of 75 km/h)

Costs include:

  1. All necessary equipment necessary for fishing in shallow and deep sea waters
  2. Services of a highly qualified skipper during the expedition

Costs exclude:

  1. Meals during the outing (offered for an additional cost)
  2. Return transfer to the harbor (for an additional cost in a micro-bus)

Alpine lakes, reservoirs and rivers in South Africa provide an excellent opportunity to fish for trout (Western Cape and Mpumalanga), tiger fish (KwaZulu Natal), as well as catfish, bream, carp and perch. Various hotels, estates and lodges offer additional recreational activities in addition to fishing, however, we recommend one of the most renowned fishing estates in South Africa suitable to both a fishermen and his partner.

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