Luxury Accommodation in Africa

Botswana offers great opportunities to get in touch with nature. Much of its accommodation is set in gorgeous natural surroundings where you can really get up close and personal with wildlife, whether you’re looking for the comfort of a hotel or guest house, or prefer to self-cater or camp. Learn more.

Kenya delivers the classic East African safari experience which includes dramatic game viewing from the comfort of amazing tented camps and lodges plus indulgent beach retreats and modern hotels to escape to after your safari. Destinations like the Masai Mara, Amboseli National Park and Lamu Island are a must! Learn more.

Mauritius Island is a priceless treasure of the Indian Ocean, has all the facilities to satisfy those who adore the sun and the sea, divers, fishermen and seekers of the drawn treasure, water skiers and yachtsmen, golfers and gamblers, and those, who simply want to rest discretely. Learn more.

Mozambique offers liberal doses of beaches and clear water, so its a good idea to pack your swimming costume! You can be sure that most of the views from your room will include tropical scenery. For something a little different you could also elect to stay in an elegant Colonial-era hotel in one of the country’s urban centers. The historical buildings ooze classic charm, and will transport you back to an era of high tea and evening cocktails. Learn more.

Namibia is brimming with opportunities for travellers to experience its glorious natural attractions from both the comfort of more standard hotel or guest house settings, or in a more raw form in safari camps, lodges and game reserves. Whatever you choose you’re sure to be treated to the country’s breath-taking scenery, especially at night and dawn. Learn more.

Some of the best-known places travellers can choose from in South Africa are those situated in or near national parks and reserves such as the Kruger National Park. Less familiar are township experiences or traditional cultural villages. And the country’s vibrant urban centres present a multitude of formal luxury and casual budget options, including boutique hotels, hostels. Learn more.

Swaziland might be among the smallest countries on the continent and one of Africa’s remaining monarchies, but there’s more than novelty value on offer here. You can almost feel South Africa’s undercurrents of tension fade away when you cross the border into friendly, Learn more.

Located in the heart of central East Africa, Tanzania offers travelers a glimpse of Africa at its best, from the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro, to the animal-filled lands of the Serengeti, and the luxurious resorts and sandy beaches of beautiful Zanzibar. Learn more.

We extend our invitation to visit the unique Victoria Water Falls, – or as it is commonly referred to by the locals – the Mosi-Oa-Tunia… – the Smoke that Thunders, which evolved over 500,000 years and today presents a major attraction for millions of visitors, who, as David Livingstone Learn more.

Zanzibar is famous for its sail trade boats, mysterious woman with veil covered faces, ancient ruins and of course various dishes of tropical cuisine, flavoured by exotic spices. Zanzibar history is rich, full of romantic and colourful legends …. Learn more.

Historical appeal is very much a feature of Zimbabwe’s accommodation offering, with various colonial-style hotels providing a luxurious lodging experience. A number of more modern resort options offer additional attractions, with well-appointed golf courses offering stunning views from every hole. Self-catering and camping options are also abundant. Learn more.