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A small, landlocked country in southern Africa, Zimbabwe is full of natural beauty and heavenly scenery and is home to five UNESCO World Heritage sites. In 2017, Zimbabwe saw the end of political unrest and is finally returning to its prior glory, before 1990’s, when more visitors toured Zimbabwe than South Africa. Undoubtedly one of Africa’s top safari destinations, Zimbabwe offers something for everyone.

The Victoria Falls are Zimbabwe’s most popular attraction and one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. The town is also dubbed as the ‘adventure capital of Africa’ for it offers a choice of adrenaline activities, including one of whitewater rafting and a364-foot (111m) bungee jump into the Zambezi River gorge from the bridge which links Zimbabwe to Zambia.

“Salute Africa” experts are on standby to guide you and create a perfect itinerary, be it a canoe safari on the upper Zambezi, game viewing safari in the Hwange National Park or fishing on Lake Kariba.

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Zimbabwe Interesting facts

  • “Zimbabwe” means “stone houses”, linking the present world to the mysterious ancient Kingdom of Mutapa. The majestic ruins of its capital – Great Zimbabwe – are the grandest structures on the continent after the pyramids of Egypt.
  • Baobab trees are commonly seen here and in fact, its hollow trunks were used as prison cells in the olden days.
  • This country has one of the highest inflation rates and the highest unemployment rate in the world, yet the population has one of the highest literacy rates on the continent. At this point, a man with a full, large belly is seen as wealthy and successful.
  • This country has the lowest life expectancy compared to the rest of the world.

Tour to Zimbabwe with “Salute Africa” will show you all the aspects of life in this amazing corner of the world.

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Fun activities and attractions

The main attractions of Zimbabwe are natural beauties. There are many extreme activities: base jumping, hang-gliding, free-fall rides. National parks with the Great African Five attracting a lot of tourists.

  • The majestic and iconic Victoria Falls, the giant marble-like boulders of the Motopo Hills, mountains of the Eastern Highlands, the national parks full of wildlife, and the Great Zimbabwe ancient ruins are all at the top of the bucket list for visitors.
  • Untamed wilderness of the Zambezi Valley and the shores of Lake Kariba support one of the largest concentrations of animals in the world. Hippo, crocodiles, buffalo, rhino, elephant, and lion roam freely.
  • Harare – The capital has a vibrant culture which is seen through many art galleries, showcasing amazing South African art.
  • Bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge.



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Zimbabwe Cuisine

Stiff maize porridge accompanying any meat peanut butter stew are the two main traditional dishes worth trying.

Visiting Zimbabwe opens a different world to many. Travel to Zimbabwe with “Salute Africa”!

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