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Home to some of the richest marine life and coral reefs in the world

A Portuguese colony for over 400 years, establishing independence in 1975. The cultural influence remains visible through the architecture, cuisine, language, and local Lifestyle. Mozambique offers white sandy beaches, warm postcard picture turquoise blue waters, luxury lodges with private beaches and personalized service, exquisite seafood and beautiful scenery.

Stretching over 1550 miles of Indian Ocean coastline, Mozambique is a perfect destination for anyone looking for a romantic getaway, a perfect honeymoon, or a variety of aquatic wildlife. The vibrant and relaxed way of life of the locals correlates to their traditional music. Many believe that this is the source of the reggae. Locals are also well renowned for their craftsmanship skills, especially working with natural wood. Many sorts of African sculptures and carvings are sourced by galleries from all over the world and make excellent artwork to bring home.

Mozambique lodge

Interesting Facts about Mozambique

Poor cities with unhealed wounds of civil war contrast here with idyllic seaside resorts. To travel to such a country you need a reliable guide. Book your trip to Mozambique with “Salute Africa” – ensures a comfortable and safe journey through this exotic country.

  • Sorcerers and shamans are licensed here. This is a prestigious profession, which is taught in special schools.
  • Many researchers believe that it is the traditional music of the peoples of Mozambique that is the source of reggae. The main musical instrument is the marimba, the genus of xylophone.
  • Statues or masks carved from wood make excellent souvenirs.
Mozambique surfing

What to see and do in paradise

Mozambique is known to attract some of the world’s richest people.

  • Enjoy the exclusivity and high-end luxury accommodation with private sandy beaches, warm postcard picture turquoise blue waters and freshest mouth-watering cuisine.
  • Diving, snorkeling and exploring rare tropical fish in the unbelievably beautiful and possibly world richest coral reefs.
  • Un-parallel marine life – with Whale Sharks, various species of Marlin and many others. A dream for any avid fisherman.
  • Swim with the dolphins.
  • Hike mount Gorongosa within the Gorongrosa National Park, home to varied bird colonies.
  • See giant Elephants up close at the Maputu Elephant Reserve
  • Experience sailing onboard a traditional Dhow or a glass bottom boat and explore the many surrounding islands


Mozambican fresh water large shrimp is sort after all over the world and here… you are in paradise.
Peri Peri Chicken is found all over Mozambique and is usually served with french fries. Cashews and delicious tropical fruit are a given.

Mozambique is a secret paradise!

Mozambique Medjumbe Beach

Individual tours to Mozambique will reveal all the secrets of this country. With “Salute Africa” you will see the best that nature has bestowed on this corner of the planet and its coast.

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