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One of the largest islands in the world

Take a trip to Madagascar, a fourth largest island in the world and a series of smaller islands surrounding it, cling to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Having split from India over 85 million years ago, and due it being one of the last major areas on Earth to be settled by humans, its vegetation and wildlife were left in isolation, resulting in over 90% of its wildlife totally unique to itself. With this in mind, many refer to Madagascar as the “eights continent”. Antananarivo is the capital city and is also the most populated city. Official languages are French and Malagasy. Here, you will find natural beauty, picture-perfect beaches, and ecological diversity.

Madagascar Lemur

Top tourist attractions

With one of Salute Africa’s Madagascar tour itineraries, this lost world will reveal its treasures, both present and past.

  • Trek through the unique Jurassic landscape of Isalo National Park and take a dip in one of the natural pools.
  • The Ranomafana National park is a natural rainforest offering trekking to spot various species of lemurs and chameleons as well as geckos.
  • An avenue of Baobabs lining a dirt road is a fascinating site.
  • Andasibe rainforest is habitat to a vast species of biodiversity, many endemic and endangered, 11 lemur species including Madagascar’s largest lemur, the indri.
  • The Rova, a restored Royal Palace complex, is filled with historic artifacts and is a monument in Antananarivo.
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Interesting facts about Madagascar

Madagascar is a friendly island where locals are always friendly and ready to assist visitors with a smile.

  • Humpback whales are often spotted from the coast of Madagascar.
  • Over 30 species of lemurs are unique to Madagascar.
  • The land and soil is rich in aluminum and iron, with many referring to Madagascar as the “Red Island”
  • This country is the largest producer of natural vanilla in the world. Coffee and cocoa plantations are also very prominent throughout the land.
  • A unique safari opportunity, not in sense of large mammals, but rather small indigenous flora and fauna and birding experience.
  • Having been a natural refueling stop for ships en-route to India, the Island of Madagascar witnessed many exciting pirate stories and with this come possibilities of hidden treasures…
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Madagascar wildlife

Madagascar cuisine

The local cuisine reflects traditions of the people belonging to various cultures, such as the Arabs, the Indonesians, the African, the French, and so on. A variety of ingredients that are grown on the island, including various edible plants as well as Fish and poultry all feature as ingredients of any traditional meal. Simple cooking, avoiding hot spices, makes the local cuisine tasty and delicious.

Travel to Madagascar with “Salute Africa” to discover this lost world and its treasure!

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