Concierge services

Concierge services

Expert concierge services from Salute Africa can help you maximise your free time, offer the convenience of unlimited use of your own personal concierge, and access to our insider knowledge and expertise. We easily adapt to each client’s needs and expectations to enrich their lifestyle experience.

With a proactive approach, we dedicate our extended resources to make our client’s life easier and richer with unlimited service possibilities; from event and wedding planning, private jet charters, travel planning, car services, restaurant reservations etc.

We are here for our clients to bring them the best of anything and everything, anywhere and anytime. We aim to make a serious difference to our clienteles’ lives by facilitating their activities and lifestyle.

Our discreet and high-end quality services are tailored and designed to fit the needs and expectations of each of our individual clientele. We aim to identify our client’s needs, objectives and values that are most important to them in order to develop a personalized plan.

We consider each of our clients as a priority and we do not take “no” for an answer to materialise their needs. Satisfaction is a priority for us. No matter how, we always transform the impossible into possible.

Our bouquet of services includes:

  1. Day to day servicing
    1. Practical services
  1. Events management and organization
    1. Birthday celebrations
    2. Business events/ functions
    3. Catering
    4. Fashion shows
    5. Party planning and design
    6. Wedding planning
  1. Grooming services
    1. High end luxury items sourcing
    2. Personal grooming services with fashion and beauty consultant
    3. Personal health programs
    4. Personal trainer
    5. Spa and beauty arrangement and organization
  1. Personal and family lifestyle management
    1. Body guards and security
    2. Children educational services summer and winter camp, private school application
    3. Errands running
    4. Family office
    5. Gift sourcing and buying
    6. Personal life management
    7. Pet care and grooming
  1. Transportation accommodation
    1. Car services
    2. Helicopter services
    3. Private planes
    4. Yacht/boat charters
  1. Travel planner
    1. Tickets, hotels and restaurants booking and facilitation
    2. Vacation planning
  1. Others
    1. Corporate concierge
    2. Exclusive VIP tickets
    3. Fashion shows and event access