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Star Beds

Ultra-luxe sleep out
under the Milky Way

Kick Your Travel Bucket List up a Notch with an ultra-luxe sleep out under the Milky Way

Star beds… Imagine literally counting the shooting stars as you are about to fall asleep? This is not a simply sleep out – this is an adventure with Africa, one-on-one.

Africa is blessed with crazy constellations and soaring stars that flood our skies once the sun dances back down below the horizon every evening.

Star beds tour to South Africa


South Africa trip star beds


Booking a star bed is not camping by any means. Be it a rooftop bed, a treehouse or a lakeside camp — it is a whole experience and it comes with candle lights and champagne and maybe a picnic dinner prepared by a 5-star chef.

Star beds tour to South Africa


South Africa trip star beds


The location is generally strategic, like a passage of many animals, drawn to the water in the coolness of early evening and morning. Watch on from your bed, shower, or breakfast table… Rest assured, each star bed is securely constructed above the ground, so the animals remain at a safe and comfortable distance.

Treehouse tour star bed


Your field guide will provide a full orientation before he departs. But he is always on call via radio until he collects you the next morning, after sunrise and a good breakfast. As you arrive at sunset to a picnic, spend the dusk hours spotting wildlife out in the bush… And fall asleep counting shooting stars.

Star beds tour to South Africa


South Africa trip star beds


A Star bed experience is booked in conjunction with your lodge accommodation. You don’t check out of your suite – it’s still yours, ready for your return. We are ready to share our very own inspirational selection of simply amazing star beds in almost every part of Africa, simply unbeatable for Honeymooners or general starry-eyed romantics, but also families looking for an epic adventure!

Treehouse tour star bed


We urge you to add any one of them to your travel plans! Contact us today!

Tree House Special Interests


Luxurious treehouses
and sleep outs

Nature is natural. There’s something about the outdoors that gets our blood flowing smoother and our heart beating stronger and there is no doubt that wilderness refreshes our bodies, mind, and soul.

Africa is not only wild but is wildly passionate about nature and its conservation and about bringing our piece of heaven to you, the avid traveller! Treehouses achieve just that.

Treehouse tour to South Africa


South Africa trip


If you are a hopeless romantic, an adventurer, or a wildlife enthusiast looking for that authentic eco-friendly au-natural yet luxurious experience, then treehouse lodging is what you are seeking.

Slumber directly beneath the Milky Way where you may well lose count of the shooting stars is no longer strictly for honeymooners, for there are also high-end luxurious treehouse lodges, forest suites, and sleep-out family options.

Be it in the Kruger National Park or along the Garden Route in South Africa, Okavango Delta in Botswana, in Tarangire or Lake Manyara in Tanzania, or in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, we at Salute Africa are simply wild about presenting you with our top choices where we are sure you will get to fully appreciate the vastness of the bush as it transforms from day to night.

Treehouse tour


Contact us to assist you to book your trip to Africa today!

Motorcycle Trip Africa Special Interests

Motorcycle trip in South Africa

Rockers & Riders: Fusing Love For Classic Riding, Culture & Music

To truly experience the beauty and vastness of Africa, is to do it on the back of a classic motorcycle on your motorcycle trip!

Our adventures offer anything from day experiences, be it day trips within the Cape Town area or Johannesburg and surroundings, to longer trips , from 2-3 days Garden route , to 4-5 day Kruger Park experience and to longer 14 day Four African worlds experience covering everything from naturally beautiful landscapes to magnificent waterfalls and unbelievably rich wildlife.

motorcycles tour to South Africa


South Africa trip motorcycles


The vast openness of the South African landscape allows for both a taste of freedom and an adrenalin rush. You get to go off the beaten track, taste the real traditions and hear stories told by those close to home, all with a touch of old school retro glamour and a love for classic riding, rock music, art, food and the richness of the local culture and traditions.

Our main goal is to ensure the authenticity of the lifestyle that knits us together. You join as a member of a community but depart as part of a family.


We include tasting hotspots from craft beer to coffee runs or even the taste sensations where nibble on delicacies from across the continent. Our domestic management experience allows us to book accommodation most suited to the adventure chosen.

motorcycles tour to South Africa


South Africa trip motorcycles


Every motorcycle trip escape is supported with a full detailed briefing and all (if any safety concerns will be discussed). We aim to bring you the beauty of the African continent and the authentic experience of the richness of its culture while never compromising your safety. Our escorting rider-guides have all done these tours many times to ensure that they remain relevant and safe for all to enjoy.

We cater for groups of 10 – 12 riders or even individuals depending on adventure chosen.

Don’t wait, book your escape today!

Special Interests

Fishing in Africa

Fishing in Africa – Sport and Extreme

Africa has plenty to offer to a fishing enthusiast. Fishing in Africa is amazing – two oceans, numerous rivers, lakes, dams, and streams running through Africa offer a variety of fishing experiences. Deep sea Big Game fishing (including but not limited to barracuda, sailfish, marlin, and tuna), fly fishing and spearfishing are offered in almost all African countries. Africa’s prime fishing spots offer not only good fishing but are also some of the most beautiful spots blessed by Mother Nature.
We at Salute Africa know where to fish and where to stay… Contact us today for our suggestions.

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Special Interests

Extreme in Africa

Extreme in Africa

Most places in Africa offer extreme sports which appeal to thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. Extreme in Africa covers Abseiling, Bungee jumping, Shark Cage Diving, Rapp Jumping, Hot Air Balloon experiences – here you can do it all.
Book a trip with Salute Africa and allow us to incorporate an unforgettable, thrilling experience into your visit.


Have you ever wondered what it feels like to fly? Bungee Jumping involves falling from an astonishing height, plummeting towards a beautiful body of water and just as your fingertips caress the water your bungee rope hoists you up and to safety. For the moments before the rope tightens you are flying. A great place to Bungee Jump is at the Bloukrans Bridge in the Western Cape.


Abseiling was once only used as a way for mountain climbers to get back to the bottom of a tall mountain, however, it is now a recreational activity and is not for the fainthearted. Abseiling involves descending a mountain face while being supported by only a harness and safety ropes. This can be professionally done without the help of a guide however for beginners it is much safer to have a professional to assist.


Shark Cage Diving has become popular over the years, it involves a person or small group of people being lowered into the ocean or a controlled body of water in the safety of a cage. The cage allows you to see everything around you and still ensures your safety. This is a magnificent way to get up close to one of the most dangerous creatures of the deep and see them in their natural habitat. Although you may have to wait patiently for the sharks to show their face, the end result is worth it. A great place to go Shark Cage Diving is at Aliwal Shoal.


This is a rather new sport in Africa, it is very similar to Abseiling in that it involves running down the side of massive mountain faces secured by only a rope on your back. This is definitely not for the fainthearted, this activity offers an extreme rush of adrenaline and provides a great story.


Did you know that this is the oldest form of flight known to man? A Hot Air Balloon ride allows you to gaze at the magnificent African landscape below and gives you an uninterrupted view of nature and habitats beneath you. There is no better view than a bird’s eye view. These rides are accompanied by a guide who will share their knowledge with you and keep you safe at all times.

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Special Interests

Bird Watching in Africa

Bird Watching in Africa

Bird watching in Africa is one of the best on this continent because of its range of geographical environments, with tropical forests, wetlands, marshes, deserts, and coastlines on both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. With over 850 species of African and country-specific endemics, as well as migrant birds which visit to breed and ‘summer’ in the southern hemisphere, bird watching is simply spectacular.
Salute Africa bird watchers can tailor make a perfect bird watching itinerary or simply incorporate it into an existing tour.


This reserve is home to approximately 420 species of bird and is said to be a top birding destination. Here you will find multiple hides specifically designed for bird watching, you can also arrange a guide who will escort you through the park and share their expertise with you. There are a number of different habitats within this reserve with beautiful scenery and wildlife.


The Cape coast is the best place for those interested in Pelagic birding. The nutrients in the water here attract huge shoals of fish, these fish attract an astonishing amount of pelagics.


The Kruger Park is famous for its wildlife, this includes 500 species of magnificent birds found here. These birds are distributed throughout the park, some endemic and some seasonal migrants. There are also a few endangered species here which are a rare sight to see.


The Southern Boubou, Orange-breasted Sunbirds, Cape Spurfowl,  the Cape Sugarbird and Cape Batis are a few examples of special birds found in these gardens. These gardens are well known for plants and natural scenery which is abundant in proteas and indigenous birds.


This is a world heritage site and has spectacular bird species, over 530 of them to be exact. There is a shocking number of flamingoes here, approximately 60 000. This area provides a relaxing getaway filled with adventure and new experiences.

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Special Interests

Diving in Africa

Diving in Africa – world-class dive sites

Diving in Africa delivers big thrills. With two oceans at its shores, Africa underwater offers some world class dive sites from Sodwana’s pristine tropical reefs, Kenya’s fringing coral reefs, Madagascar’s barrier reef to the wrecks in Mozambique and Cape Peninsula.

Great White sharks, Ragged-tooth sharks, Manta rays, Humpback whales and Southern Right whales are among the main underwater attractions. Africa also offers some annual phenomenon like the Sardine and squid runs or the Leatherback turtle nesting, guaranteed to be a highlight experience.


This tranquil place is just North of Durban. Said to be the most gorgeous and the only tropical dive site in South Africa, Sodwana Bay offers fun activities and excursions. Here you can embark on a nighttime beach safari and see magnificent sea turtles lay their precious eggs. You can also do activities such as quad bike trails, microlight flights, horse riding, fishing and whale watching.

The transparent waters paired with tropical marine life and exquisite coral reefs make this a great place to dive and adventure into the unknown.


This area appeals to divers from all over the globe. The waters here provide visibility of no less than 8 metres, on a good day the visibility can be 40 metres! Aliwal Shoal is well known for the Raggie, these ragged-tooth sharks travel in groups of 15-20 at a time and are completely harmless, although they are rather large.

Apart from diving, other activities offered here include whale watching, fishing trips, hiking trails, golf, museums, cultural tours and wonderful restaurants.


There are a number of dive sites here, each one unique. This bay is characterized by kelp forests which act as a filter and serve to improve the visibility in the water dramatically. There is also a huge variety of species adorning these waters and spectacular, bright coloured corals and anemones. Although Cape Waters is a bit chilly and the weather is rather unpredictable, the friendly ocean life will distract you from the chill.

Other activities offered here include wine lands, hiking trails, shark cage diving, whale watching, water sports, quad bike trails and many more.


Margate is located on the coast of KwaZulu-Natal. Blessed with warm waters and picturesque scenery, these beaches have become popular scuba diving spots. Visibility here ranges from about 10m to 40m according to the weather. Diving here is offered the whole year along with a range of exhilarating excursions.


Knysna is home to a few world-class dive sites. Here you can also explore the famous Garden Route. This area is known for its shark encounters as well as other rare species of the deep. The best time to dive here is during high tide although the visibility and water temperature depends on the weather conditions.

Plettenberg Bay is also a popular resort. This bay offers a number of water activities performed in natural lagoons. Here you will find a magnificent reef stretching 4km, this reef is an underwater nature reserve. The scenery here provides the ultimate backdrop for relaxation.

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surfing wave Special Interests

Surfing Tours

Surfing Tours to Africa

Africa boasts some of the best surfing spots in the world. Superb waves, temperate climate, and sublime coastal scenery coupled with an extensive coastline make this a fantastic surfing destination for novices and hardcore surf junkies alike to go on surfing tours.

South Africa, in particular, offers some of the finest surfing available. Jeffreys Bay is a must stop for those enjoying the sport, a magnificent stretch of beach, a world-renowned host to one of the legs of the annual Billabong Pro™ surf event, in which the planet’s top surfers compete for the title. This legendary place is by far the most consistent and well-known surf spot in South Africa.

Your Salute Africa experts are on standby to advise you now!

Surfing has become an increasingly popular sport on the coastlines of southern Africa. This exhilarating sport is a great way to spend a hot day at the beach. The coastal scenery is simply sublime and the comfortable climate adds to its perfection.

Africa boasts some of the best surfing spots in the world. Superb waves, temperate climate, and sublime coastal scenery coupled with an extensive coastline make this a fantastic surfing destination for novices and hardcore surf junkies alike to go on surfing tours.

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Explore Africa Waterfall Special Interests

Explore Africa

Explore Africa – Nature

South African nature is like no other, the biodiversity and different habitats are endless. The vegetation here is divided into four different sections. Each one unique and spectacular. These sections are as follows: Fynbos, Karoo, Highveld, and Lowveld. Explore Africa with us and get acquainted with the diverse climatic zones and their inhabitants.


You can find his natural vegetation in the Western Cape, South Africa. It is most prominent during the rainy season as well as around mountainous areas. The Giant Protea is popular here. The species here are endless… We appreciate that there are 8700 species found here with an alarming 75% of them endemic to the area! The plant family that has the most species in the Fynbos is the Daisy family. The Tsitsikamma forest along the coast is the perfect place we choose for tourists to experience the Fynbos in all its glory. And another great attraction that we strongly advise to visit in this area is Table Mountain. Here you may stumble across a Red Disa, an almost extinct, protected orchid also called the “Pride of Table Mountain”.

The Karoo

The Karoo vegetation is North of Fynbos, the precipitation here is lower than that of the Western Cape. We describe this area as semi-desert. As it is separated into two parts, the Little Karoo and the Great Karoo. The Little Karoo is at the top of the Succulent Karoo. It has the richest succulent plant flora in the world. We find it fascinating that a shocking 10000 species of succulent plants grow in this region. The plants that grow in the Karoo and the flowers that bloom during September are truly fascinating and simply beautiful and make you come back more to explore Africa.


The Highveld is a grassy plateau further towards the North East region. And here we will find some of the most important commercial farming areas in the country. The most prominent vegetation in this area is grassland and savannah. The dry seasons are often accompanied by fires, that is why trees and shrubs were never able to thrive here. Another contributing factor is a large number of grazing livestock. The Highveld is also home to a number of endangered animals. These are a rare sight but are a magnificent find and we really love it here.


The Lowveld is even further North East from the Karoo, this region is in the Limpopo Valley bordering Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The vegetation here is described as a tropical savannah. We think that a great place to experience this vegetation is in the Kruger National Park. You will come across thousands of plant species here, some of which are extremely rare.


The western regions of South Africa are the Kalahari and Namib deserts. The composition of the Namib flora is extremely endemic. That’s why here you can see South African springhare, antelope, lizards, Gekkonidae, golden moles, meerkats, hyenas, as well as many arachnids.

Kalahari is the largest desert in South Africa. Red-brown or orange-brown sand gives life to some species of acacias, grasses, wild watermelons. There are xerophytic bushes, succulent plants, and crassulas in the dune zone. We love all those Gerbillus, striped mice, rats, African ground squirrel, Cape buffaloes, wildebeest, springboks, hyenas, and of course lizards.

Book your trip to South Africa and see these beautiful habitats and biomes for yourself with Salute Africa as your guide. Firstly, we would love to help you to get acquainted with the diverse climatic zones and their inhabitants. Secondly, we will show the amazing ways in which plants and animals adapt to life in different conditions. And lastly, the guide’s stories will simply amaze your imagination… And the landscapes will forever remain in your memory.

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Indigo beach in Africa Special Interests

Beach Holidays

Beach Holidays

At its best… white sandy beaches, warm postcard picture turquoise blue waters, luxury lodges with private beach access and personalized service, exquisite seafood, and beautiful scenery… what can be more perfect? And for an unforgettable experience combine a safari with beach holidays, and you will get a true African adventure. At your fingertips are miles and miles of perfect beach coastline, from the idyllic island of Mauritius to exclusive private islands of Seychelles and the sandy white shores of exotic islands of Mozambique or unspoiled beaches off the coast of East Africa.

Speak to our Salute Africa experts, we have the perfect ending to your already perfect choice of destination.

Zanzibar is one of the most popular destinations for a beach holiday. Just like a place out of a children’s storybook… And it sounds exotic and dreamy…

White powder sandy beaches, rich cultural history dating back to the era of slavery… And fascinating bright offshore reefs are guaranteed to take your breath away. Above all, having a fresh seafood barbecue on a deserted beach is also something you won’t forget anytime soon. With water this beautiful, you won’t forget a single second of your time in this dreamy archipelago.

With us Your Dream is Closer than you think!

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