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Star Beds

Ultra-luxe sleep out
under the Milky Way

Kick Your Travel Bucket List up a Notch with an ultra-luxe sleep out under the Milky Way

Star beds… Imagine literally counting the shooting stars as you are about to fall asleep? This is not a simply sleep out – this is an adventure with Africa, one-on-one.

Africa is blessed with crazy constellations and soaring stars that flood our skies once the sun dances back down below the horizon every evening.

Star beds tour to South Africa


South Africa trip star beds


Booking a star bed is not camping by any means. Be it a rooftop bed, a treehouse or a lakeside camp — it is a whole experience and it comes with candle lights and champagne and maybe a picnic dinner prepared by a 5-star chef.

Star beds tour to South Africa


South Africa trip star beds


The location is generally strategic, like a passage of many animals, drawn to the water in the coolness of early evening and morning. Watch on from your bed, shower, or breakfast table… Rest assured, each star bed is securely constructed above the ground, so the animals remain at a safe and comfortable distance.

Treehouse tour star bed


Your field guide will provide a full orientation before he departs. But he is always on call via radio until he collects you the next morning, after sunrise and a good breakfast. As you arrive at sunset to a picnic, spend the dusk hours spotting wildlife out in the bush… And fall asleep counting shooting stars.

Star beds tour to South Africa


South Africa trip star beds


A Star bed experience is booked in conjunction with your lodge accommodation. You don’t check out of your suite – it’s still yours, ready for your return. We are ready to share our very own inspirational selection of simply amazing star beds in almost every part of Africa, simply unbeatable for Honeymooners or general starry-eyed romantics, but also families looking for an epic adventure!

Treehouse tour star bed


We urge you to add any one of them to your travel plans! Contact us today!

Tree House Special Interests


Luxurious treehouses
and sleep outs

Nature is natural. There’s something about the outdoors that gets our blood flowing smoother and our heart beating stronger and there is no doubt that wilderness refreshes our bodies, mind, and soul.

Africa is not only wild but is wildly passionate about nature and its conservation and about bringing our piece of heaven to you, the avid traveller! Treehouses achieve just that.

Treehouse tour to South Africa


South Africa trip


If you are a hopeless romantic, an adventurer, or a wildlife enthusiast looking for that authentic eco-friendly au-natural yet luxurious experience, then treehouse lodging is what you are seeking.

Slumber directly beneath the Milky Way where you may well lose count of the shooting stars is no longer strictly for honeymooners, for there are also high-end luxurious treehouse lodges, forest suites, and sleep-out family options.

Be it in the Kruger National Park or along the Garden Route in South Africa, Okavango Delta in Botswana, in Tarangire or Lake Manyara in Tanzania, or in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, we at Salute Africa are simply wild about presenting you with our top choices where we are sure you will get to fully appreciate the vastness of the bush as it transforms from day to night.

Treehouse tour


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