Hydro in Stellenbosch, The


The Hydro is a healing resort specialising in the practice of naturopathy: an holistic health promotion system where each individual is assisted in establishing optimum health. This is achieved by means of a personalised diet, structural manipulation, hydrotherapy, nutrition and lifestyle counselling, relaxation therapies, and other natural methods.
The Hydro at Stellenbosch, offers the highest level of therapeutic treatments in a variety of programmes ranging from the Three Day Anti-Stress to the Ten Day Classical Health. The majority of programmes include a choice of either an elimination and detoxification or balanced vegetarian diet, daily full body massage, sauna or steam, hydrotherapy, exercise, and lecture and workshop sessions.

Naturally great emphasis is placed on diet – cleansing the system and giving the body a respite from modern living. Guests, guided by their personal consultant, are able to select their choice of either the balanced or elimination detoxification diet. Both diets emphasise fresh fruit and a varied selection of mainly raw vegetables and salads.

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